Our Programs

LAB program – helping skilled migrants to work in Australia

Many professional migrants arrive under the skilled migrant scheme and are highly qualified in their particular field. Our research1 indicates that many of them find the culture so different here compared to their home country that it is difficult for them to integrate and work productively. They can become frustrated and annoyed, when they don’t understand the Australian language and humour, as well as local customs.

The Migrate Success LAB program© teaches migrant professionals workplace skills and techniques to help them become more confident and productive so they can quickly and easily integrate into the Australian workplace.

Module 1: LOOK Program – creating a lasting impression

The topics in this module addresses the importance of personal branding (visual branding). In a highly competitive world, looking your best gives confidence. You stand out, and are noticed for the right reasons and taken seriously. The terms “business” and “casual” attire may have different meanings in different countries – casual golf wear is different from casual wear going to a barbecue or sports. Wearing the right clothes for interviews or that all-important meeting may result in success or failure.

Module 2. ACT Program – conducting yourself for every occasion

Being savvy in business and social etiquette will help you to stand out and be remembered by others. Understanding the appropriate intercultural etiquette when meeting and working with colleagues will help you be more productive, negotiate effectively and create a lasting impression and level of expertise by the way we look and sound.

Module 3. BELONG Program – fitting in wherever you go

New to the country and can’t understand the jokes, language, unique Australian humour? You are not alone. You will learn what you need to know about Australia, its history, achievements, sports culture and speaking with ease with fellow Australians.