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Seven tips for networking success

Why do we network? To form friendships To achieve our goals/business To get business referrals To navigate everyday life  It sounds easy but did you know that ‘speaking to strangers’ is one of people’s most common fears besides ‘public speaking’? How many networking events do you attend regularly? Consider attending at least one a week. … Continue reading “Seven tips for networking success”

What is Anzac Day?

Newly arrived migrants might be wondering what Anzac Day is all about? What is the significance of Anzac Day? Why is it a holiday? For Australians, Anzac Day is sacred – a day of remembrance for all those servicemen and servicewomen who have fought for their country. ANZAC stands for the Australian and New Zealand … Continue reading “What is Anzac Day?”

The Importance of Volunteering

What is volunteering and why should you think about doing it? Volunteering is about giving back to your community without expecting anything in return.  It is part of the Australian’s philosophy of ‘mate ship’ to give a helping hand to those who are in need. For us migrants, it is also a way of connecting … Continue reading “The Importance of Volunteering”

Safe swimming tips – for migrants

It was a beautiful sunny summer day. A group of International students, includingme, were visiting Coffs Harbour in northern NSW. As part of the summer ritual, we went off to the beach in perfectly calm sea. I am an average swimmer and waded into the shallow waters (or so I thought) to swim. The next … Continue reading “Safe swimming tips – for migrants”

How to live with neighbours in harmony

When I first started living in an apartment block in Sydney, my elderly neighbour knocked on my door. “Did you cook any seafood?” she asked. I answered that I did and had wrapped up the rubbish and threw it into the bin. She replied: “That’s not what we do here. You freeze the fish entrails … Continue reading “How to live with neighbours in harmony”


A skilled migrant arrived in Sydney and joined the corporate sector. She was invited to a Team Meeting.

Lost in Translation

Recently, the unit doors in our apartment block were replaced. My elderly neighbour, let’s call him Jim, was outside speaking to the handyman.

Communal Dining – do’s and don’ts

Communal dining is fun – a food ritual to share as many dishes as possible. A while back, at a conference, 10 of us went to a Chinese restaurant to enjoy some Chinese-style dining.

First impressions

You’ve arrived at your new workplace on the first day. You are being taken around to meet people and shown where you are going to be working.